2.5″ Corner Finisher

The Ames Corner Finisher is used to skim interior 90 degree angles after the bedding coat is applied. High carbon steel blades remove excess compound and feather the edges for a finish that needs little or no sanding. It also features the industry’s only locking retainer clip so the finisher will not fall off the handle. Used with the MudRunner® or Corner Applicator or simply with a handle to apply joint compound to internal corners, the Corner Finisher finishes both sides in a single pass.


– Stainless steel frames

– Spring-loaded action compensates for imperfect angles

Our Tools:

– Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

– Fully calibrated and ready to use each time

– Fastest, longest-lasting tools in the trade

– Excellent quality and workmanship

– Flexible rental options

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