16 oz Patch Primer Plus

    3M Patch Plus Primer features all the benefits of a lightweight spackling with the strength of a heavyweight spackling. It’s easy to use, won’t shrink or crack and dries quickly. Advanced acrylic resins offer great paint anchoring compared to traditional patching compounds, and specially engineered fillers pack together to resist shrinking and provide strength. It’s ideal for use on surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, stucco and concrete.

    Traditional wall repair products are often made with fillers such as limestone and calcium carbonate, which absorb water and shrink, so the patched area must be primed to create a seal beneath the paint, requiring a time-intensive extra step. When paint absorbs into the patched area, flashing can occur


    • Makes repairs three times faster than a leading competitor
    • Hides repair after painting
    • No need to prime
    • Dries hard
    • No flashing (won’t change paint sheen)
    • Great hiding power (no drywall ring)
    • No shrinking or cracking
    • Anchors paint to wall patch
    • Ready to paint in 30 minutes
    • Firmly holds nails and screws
    • Saves times
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