EasyClean® Automatic Taper

The AMES Bazooka brand automatic taper simultaneously applies tape and joint compound to all wallboard joints – horizontal and vertical joints, ceiling joints, interior/exterior corners and angles. The Bazooka taper automatically dispenses the precise amount of tape and compound for fast, efficient operation.


– Simultaneously applies tape and correct amount of joint compound

– Stainless steel and anodized aluminum composition for lightweight and durability

– Integrated flanges provide positive, ergonomic grip when cutting or advancing tape, reducing user fatigue

– Tube protector provides comfortable hand grip for better control and steering

– Enclosed rollers provide smoother operation and protect hands

– Longer control tube makes it easier to cut tape when working on higher ceilings

– Twist-off removal of the tube protector makes it easy to access the cable and plunger

– Attached keeper speeds changing of tape rolls

Our Tools:

– Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

– Fully calibrated and ready to use each time

– Fastest, longest-lasting tools in the trade

– Excellent quality and workmanship

– Flexible rental options

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