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Sure, we can tell you how to use and take care of our tools, but we’d rather show you. Browse our VIDEO RESOURCE CENTER for helpful tips and tricks for using and maintaining your ATF tools.


Covid-19 Job Site Safety Practices

Hand Finishing vs. ATF during Covid-19

Jobsite Planning to Maintain Social Distance

Properly Putting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Properly Removing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

How to Defog Safety Glasses While Wearing an N95 Mask

Crew Assignment & Tool Sanitizing Tips

ATF Tool Series | EasyClean Automatic Taper (Bazooka)

ATF Tools Series | EasyClean Loading Pump

ATF Tool Series | Corner Roller

AMES Extension Handle (Long Version)

ATF Tools Series | MudRunner

AMES Corner Applicator

AMES Bazooka Continuous Flow System (CFS)

Hand Finishing vs. ATF Tool Finishing

Finishing Vertical Joints with the AMES Flat Box

Finishing Horizontal Drywall Flat Joints with the AMES Flat Box

Drywall Taping - Banjo vs. AMES Bazooka

AMES Bazooka Maintenance

AMES Finisher Box Maintenance

AMES Bazooka Taper Daily Maintenance Tips